Area– 900 sq. ft.
Status– In Process II 2021
Typology– 3BHK House II Residential Interiors

This 900-square-foot apartment in Mumbai belongs to a Maharashtrian family. This house was a dream house for the client and as an ode; we wanted to create a fusion of modernism and minimalism in our design.

The vast living and dining area of the house is divided by a semi open partition which bifurcates the living room from the dining and entrance passage area. Use of light and warm color palettes in the living room enhances the space to its supreme capacity. The bedrooms have an accent wall in co-relation to the theme which up lights the design to give a modern outlook to the space.

While the design approach was modern, the challenge was to maintain the open and spacious characteristic of the house. Keeping the client requirements in mind, our intent was to create practical and functional spaces in the design.

Renders and Photography by BeSpace Studio

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