Area– 800 square-foot
Typology– Residential Interior Design
Principal Architects– Shivangi Thapar & Benson D’Souza
Photography Credits– Akshay Shikhare

In the whirlwind of business travel, finding solace in the familiarity of a hotel room often becomes routine. However, for our discerning client, the repetitive hotel stays no longer sufficed. With a vision to create a personal haven away from the impersonal confines of hotel walls, our design team embarked on a journey to transform this space into a bespoke retreat tailored to the needs of the modern executive.

Embracing the duality of functionality and comfort, our design approach was rooted in the concept of offering the best of both worlds. Understanding the client’s desire for comfort, we curated a space that seamlessly merged the conveniences of outside living with the warmth of a personalized sanctuary.

The heart of our design lay in the bedrooms, where we artfully employed a play of color palettes to evoke distinct atmospheres. In one bedroom, cool hues dominated, creating a serene oasis conducive to rest and relaxation. Conversely, in the other, warm tones enveloped the space, invoking a sense of coziness and familiarity. This thoughtful juxtaposition provided our client with the freedom to choose their preferred ambiance, ensuring a tailored experience with every stay.

Central to the design brief was the client’s need for ample storage without sacrificing aesthetics. To meet this requirement, we implemented innovative storage solutions that seamlessly integrated into the design scheme. By utilizing white and neutral tones, we achieved a sense of airiness and lightness, preventing the storage elements from overwhelming the space. The result was a harmonious balance between functionality and style, where storage solutions effortlessly melded into the overall design narrative.

In every corner of this haven, attention to detail was paramount. From bespoke furnishings to curated accents, each element was meticulously selected to enhance the overall ambiance and elevate the guest experience. The result? An house that transcends the ordinary, offering a sanctuary where business meets leisure in perfect harmony.

In the end, “Home away from home” isn’t just a design concept—it’s a lifestyle statement. It’s about redefining the boundaries of hospitality, offering our client a space that feels like home, no matter where their business travels may take them.

​​Design firm BeSpace Studio

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