BeSpace is a design studio that strives to create, curate, and adapt highly functional spaces that speak volumes of every client’s aesthetic and style. We imagine spaces that define our clients and symbolize characteristics of their personalities and uniqueness. Our team imbibes ever-evolving standards of architecture and design along with seeking creative opportunities to incorporate sustainability and eco-consciousness in our work.


It’s common for young individuals at college and university to dream of starting a firm with peers, but very few of them see their plans come alive. While for most, it’s only table talk, our founding architects, Benson D’Souza and Shivangi Thapar have worked towards building a brand together in the world of architectural design.

While Shivangi is the organized taskmaster, she is more willing to go with the flow. Benson on the other hand, though creative, needs a plan in place at all times. And together, they are a dynamic team that brings out the true essence of BeSpace Studio.


To quote renowned architect, Louis Kahn, “Architecture is the thoughtful making of space.” and we at the studio consciously work towards the same. Our team thrives on the synergy created with our clients who are partners in the vision they have for their spaces.


Simply put, we bring our client’s vision to life. Whether it’s all the design boards or saved social media posts with jaw-dropping spaces, our team moves mountains to customize what our clients visualize. We dedicate ourselves to create spaces that look just as stunning as functional they can be. With anything between an initial concept and a whole collection of ideas, we are here to provide our services to translate them into reality. We believe in clear and continuous communication and collaboration to ensure that all ideas and aspirations for any space can be manifested.




Bachelors in Architecture (B.Arch), Mumbai University, 2017
IGBC Consultant, 2021

While she is the social one in the team, Shivangi needs a peaceful corner when it comes to being creative. She looks at experimenting with new designs and materials as an exciting journey with a sharp learning curve. Her true passion lies in making designs come to life in an aesthetic manner. She’s the go-to person for anything from specific recommendations at a restaurant to managing projects effortlessly. Off late, whenever she is at a party or event, she considers them as opportunities to deliver an elevator pitch for projects with her studio.

Principal Architect 

Principal Architect



Bachelors in Architecture (B.Arch), Mumbai University, 2017

He’s the sarcastic one always ready with a funny comeback to lighten the mood along with being exceptionally hardworking and passionate about the work he does. Benson enjoyed sketching and has an eye for detail which makes him effective at troubleshooting problems. He’s also an enthusiast of learning about and upscaling with new software. He likes to be the critic in the room because that according to him is where newer ideas come from!



Bachelors in Architecture (B.Arch), Mumbai University II 2020

The team’s design powerhouse, Ashutosh is interested in planning and loves sketching too. He fits right into the team given his love for innovation and creativity. He thrives on the knowledge of various software that helps him create better. If you want him to respond at the earliest, mails and calls might not do as well as promising him a day out that includes cycling and swimming.





Bachelors in Architecture (B.Arch), Mumbai University II 2020

Since the day his father taught him to draw, Ajay has loved sketching. Though he’s an engineer by qualification, he’s transitioned into graphic design by feeding his hobby. Imagining and visualizing designs come so naturally to him, that at any point if you catch him staring into infinity, it’s because he’s picturing an interesting graphic he’s going to work on soon!



Bachelor of Mass Media [Major: Journalism], Mumbai University II 2015

She’s the one on the team who has her way with words. Everything that her teammates express in colours, design, and patterns, Sneha weaves them into words. With a knack for putting words to what you’re thinking, she creates and curates the verbal content to tell the world about the cool work done at the studio.

Content Manager

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